Step #6: Fear

Minimalist Monday

The opposite of freedom is FEAR. On The Minimalists blog, they write about the fear of loss in day 6 of the minimalist journey: “Sometimes we’re afraid to give up what we think we have.” The advocates for less brings more freedom go on to encourage the reader to stop being afraid of what’s keeping happiness away.

Getting rid of the excess in life is truly liberating, but also dealing with the fear that is holding you back is FREEDOM.

This weekend, I created my vision board. Even at my age, there are still things I want to accomplish…my quest to focus my attentions, getting rid of all the non-essentials and live my life simply!

So you may ask, what does a vision board have to do with fear? For me, as my mind focuses on my vision for my life, my focus becomes my vision and less on the fears that are holding me back. If your fears are all you think about (excessive debt, health, loneliness)…these fears become reality.

The following quote is attributed to Winston Churchill. “Create your own universe as you go along.” As I prepared my vision board, I am a huge believer, that it’s your thoughts and also your feelings that shape your life. Your life is a physical manifestation of the thoughts in your head. Taken from the movie the SECRET, “In quantum physics you can’t have a universe without the mind entering into it. The mind is actually shaping the very thing that is being perceived.” I love that!

With this in mind, a vision board sets your thoughts, your feelings to where you want to be. It shapes your life to what you want in it. I still have a few more things I want to add it, but so far, here is what I have for my vision board.

Vision Board

I hope you will take some time, if you haven’t already and put together your vision board. I would love to hear about your experience. Please share in the comments below.