Step #4: Essentials

Minimalist Monday

If you define abundance in terms of feeling there is plenty, you will be rich every day of your life. (1)

In Zac Brown Band’s song, “Homestead”, the lyrics go: “I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t.” While these words are easy to understand, I took a moment to let them sink in. How simple! How true! I have everything need…but too, I have a whole lot of things that I don’t need. What a great yard stick to measure what is essential in life.

Step 4 of minimalism is essentials. Coming from a life of consumerism, this is challenging to get down to only the essential. As I have mentioned before, I’m challenged. So, as a wimp, I start small.

I started with my kitchen counter.


These pictures reveal clutter. I am a person of convenience. If it isn’t convenient, chances are I won’t do it. So, I wanted to take things off the counter to easily keep it clean, but I still needed easy access to some of the items. I had a hard time determining what is essential and what isn’t. This was not be easy for me.

In my reading of organizational tips, I learned placing items together at “point of use”. So I have a my teas together on the right, all my baking/cooking items in the area on the left (in addition with all my supplements). The counter is premium “real estate”, so I only wanted things I use daily on it. While I do take my vitamins daily, all the bottles make the counter look very cluttered. So, I wanted to move them to the cupboard.


The counters now. Only things that are needed daily have earned a place in the prestige spot on the counter. I still have my kombucha on the counter, so I have to decide if its necessary there or I should move it to another location.

The look of minimalism…tidy, organized, clean.

“I’ve got everything I need and nothing that I don’t.”

This song provided a paradigm shift that I needed. It’s going to be my motivation to continue on. If you’re unfamiliar with the song, here is the Youtube link — enjoy.

I’m loving this simple, minimalist life.

So, what do you have on your counter? Is it only the essential things? Have you been able to minimize its contents even further?

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