Day #3:The Packing

Minimalist Monday

Challenged…again! My challenge? I have a hard time of letting go of things. Day 3 of The Minimalist is packing. The instruction is to box up everything and then when you need something, find the box, take it out. I am just too practical — okay, LAZY — to box up everything and then when I need someone to find the box. But I’m on this quest, I adjusted this step a little…okay a lot. I started with my bedroom, specifically my closet. You may be thinking, what a wimp. This, however, was the most difficult. I love clothes…it’s a curse and I blame my mother!

This is what I started with…my closet (please, don’t judge).


I followed the guidelines of Project 333. The strategy is to choose 33 items to use for three months. If you are interested, here are some resources with more information:

Project 333, simple is the new black.
Declutter Your Closet
Or simply perform a google search of “Project 333”. You will come up with about 216,000 results.

A word of caution: Do not…I repeat do not tell anyone of the male species the guidelines of this project and how challenging it is for you. Their response will be laughter. This will be laughter at you, not with you or beside you, but at you. I made this mistake several times before learning to just keep my mouth shut. On the other hand, most females are very sympathetic.

So, again, this was really difficult for me to make choices on what to discard or keep pieces. So, I purchased 4 bins for each season. 

3In these bins I started tossing clothing appropriate for the season designated on the bin. At this point was able to move through my closet relatively quickly. I got rid of duplicates and discarded the pieces that were worn out or items where I asked the question, “What was I thinking!”

I recently read an article mentioning a study by Princeton University. It talked how certain habits can zap your energy. On the list was clutter. Clutter appears to be my  middle name. The study recommended starting small and when you see the benefits you will have the motivation to move on. Working through my closet gave me motivation to move onto my room. I’ll save that for another post.


I faced the beast. I conquered! This was liberating.

This challenge has also changed my shopping behavior. I don’t feel it’s a requirement now to find something to buy when I’m on a trip or tagging along with a friend who’s shopping. I realize. I have 33 items. I don’t need anything else. Also, buying something means I have to give up something else. When I retire pieces from my wardrobe, I’ll have a reason to shop and will end up with new items which I need and will fit with what I have. Then I won’t end up with nonsensical items because I was compelled to buy it.

Also, with only 33 items in my closet, getting ready in the morning is a breeze. So, this challenge is saving me money and time. 

Anyone else heard of Project 333? Have you embarked on “simple is the new black”? Interested in taking on the challenge? I would love to hear.

2 thoughts on “Day #3:The Packing

  1. Great job! I like that you used the four bins designating each season, that’s a very practical way to do it. Did you stay to the 33 pieces each season or did you have more or less? Also, now that you have it down do you borrow from other seasons or stick to the one you are in? I’m trying to research other ways to reach my Clients with this technique. It’s interesting to get the thoughts of others who have done a capsule wardrobe.

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    1. Thank you. Yes, I stayed with 33 items. I do not wear jewelry or accessorize much so 33 was enough. I do not dip into the other seasons either. This is really life changing. It is amazing how simplified it makes getting ready for work in the morning and less stressful trying to figure out what to wear. It is truly liberating.


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