Step 2: The Plan

Minimalist Monday

If you define abundance in terms of feeling there is plenty, you will be rich every day of your life.
Following along with The Minimalist 21-day challenge, I began to make a plan, attempted and began to make a plan again. This has been difficult, but since I have began the journey, the results have been encouraging. I want to live my life simply and only keep in it, what’s important. It’s been hard for me to make the distinction of what is truly necessary. The Minimalist recommends making a must list. This list is to identify what you must do to achieve your why. I used their list (they did an excellent job on) and adapted it to fit me and my why. Here’s my list.

  • I must live healthy every day.


  • I must focus on eating clean, real food.

I have been on this quest for a while and have failed as many times as I have started. A friend told me once, “It’s a process.” As everything in life it IS a process. You are only one meal away from eating healthy — no matter how many times you need to start that beginning. Just take it one meal at time.

  • I must exercise at least four times per week.

Once upon a time, I exercised faithfully. About three years ago when I started graduate school, exercising was the first thing to go as my schedule went from busy to mind-boggling busy. Since completing school, it’s been difficult getting back into the groove of exercising. I found this blog,, that recommends setting up a reward system for “good behavior”. Since I love rewards, this will be my salvation! Here is the spreadsheet I made up (modeled after the blogger’s), if you’re interested.

  • I must build loving relationships every day.

Family (1)

  • I must live within my means, while contributing to savings and charity.

I recently attended a Financial Peace University course by Dave Ramsey. It completely changed the way I think about money. It has several steps to move you towards financial peace. This will continue to be a “must” for me.

  • I must live deliberately and be self-sufficient.
  • I must write every day.

As I blog, I want to improve and become a better writer.

  • I must show value to those I meet and associate with daily.

null (1)

  • I must read every day.


  • I must listen to music every day.


  • I must grow as an individual every day.
  • I must live passionately and cease the day.


  • I must end each day with gratitude.

As directed by The Minimalist, with this list developed; I now will answer the following questions to ensure a successful plan for this journey.

What is standing in the way of my musts?
When did I give so much meaning to my possessions?
What is truly important in my life?
Why am I discontented?
Who is the person I want to become?
How will I define my success?
How will my life improve if I own less stuff?

So far the weeding out of my possessions has brought me relief and clarity to my life. How about you? Has your journey brought you to be a minimalist? Please share any comments or tips.

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