Crème de la Coop

Farm Fresh Friday

I am a blessed mother of four children — three of them sons who can just about figure out anything. As such, all I have to do is show them a picture, video or article and they can figure it out and build it up.

One day I found this YouTube video of a chicken coop designed to minimize cleaning, feeding and maintenance. I posted it to my son’s, Matt, Facebook wall (isn’t that how everyone communicates now a days?). Well, the next thing I knew he began building a new chicken coop for me. All from scrap wood of a recent remodel.


The View (4)

The feeding area has tubes that can funnel the food and water into the containers. So, you can feed and water the flock without even going into the coop.

The Feeder & Water

The nesting boxes are located outside the coop so you can collect the eggs just by lifting up the roof. I keep a step stool under the nesting boxes as the first thing the grandchildren do when they come over is check for eggs.

I keep the roof up in the summer time to keep a breeze going through it. The lower left picture shows the screen that I keep over it to keep the hens in. The wood laying boxes hold plastic bins with the bedding material. These can then be taken out for easy cleaning.

Nesting Boxes

My son made the roost out of natural branches. In his researched he found this to be the most preferred and beneficial for the hens.

The Roost

The best part of this is how easy it is to clean. I just open the back door and with a square garbage can up against the back I scoop out all the poop and straw. It takes me 15 minutes. It’s a snap!

The Easy Clean

So, there you have it. A very functional coop that fits the flocks needs and minimizes my time for care and maintenance of the girls.

So, anyone want to share their backyard chicken coop? I would love to organize a tour of the area’s chicken coops. Anyone interested? Please post interest below. Or post a link of your coop below and we can have ourselves a virtual tour Happy face.

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