Minimalist…discover your why.

Minimalist Monday

Minimalist! Minimalist? “What exactly is a minimalist,” you might be asking. I came upon the term about a year ago while watching the TEDx YouTube channel (yeah, I am geeky like that , but there are some really great videos Happy face.) The topic was presented by Ryan Nicodemus and Joshua Fields Millburn. Their tagline…“A rich life with less stuff.” Since hearing the term, I have noticed people all-around simplifying their lives. I was intrigued. Evidently, the movement still continues and has gained momentum. People are getting back to the essentials, realizing that the true meaning of life has been lost in the quest to accumulate “stuff”. Several years ago, I had already begun my journey of getting back to the basics with my food source to become less dependent on commerce. So, I started raising chickens (a long story…a past blog entry). So, moving from a minimalist foodie to other areas in my life seemed logical…the next step.

Since the initial exposure of minimalism, I have found quite a few blogs about people who have embarked on the journey to reduce the clutter in their life and in turn, to have more time for the things that are most important. One such blogger took a challenge not buy anything for one year. Something I feel would be quite a feat, but somewhat worthy of a quest.

Another blog focused on clothes, capsule wardrobes. Referred to as Project 333, a search can find information all over social media, with quite a bit of information found in YouTube and Pinterest. This will be something I will try to explain, attempt and journal in a future post.

Back to the overall minimalist…Joshua and Ryan have a website: The website has a 21 day schedule to follow in the pursuit of becoming a minimalist. They also offer a game, if you just want to dip your toe in, and get just a little wet. One blog, laid out seven simple steps to get started. The common thread in all these blogs is the starting place—discover your why. So, I thought with my first returning blog post, I would lay it all out and get started on this life altering pursuit. Why do you want to simplify? Why do you want to de-clutter? Why do you want to be a minimalist?

Discover the “why” of becoming a minimalist. Joshua from website expressed it:

“In time, Joshua realized most of his stuff—about 90% of it—was weighing him down, keeping him from the freedom, happiness, and fulfillment he so desperately wanted.

So he let go. Over the course of eight months, Joshua jettisoned approximately 90% of his possessions. As he let go, he began feeling freer, happier, lighter. As the external clutter was removed, so was the internal clutter: emotional clutter, mental clutter, stress, anxiety”.

So, here is my why: I have discovered the true meaning of life isn’t what you have, but who you are with…your family, friends, those that love you unconditionally. I realize that I have lost sight of the true meaning of life, getting caught up in acquiring stuff just for the sake of buying and hording. I want to rid my life of all the clutter that is weighing me down and keeping me from really attaining in life what I value most. I want my future decisions evaluated with; will this will bring me the quality of life that is important…will this bring me closer to what I value: family, relationships, self-reliance…living deliberately.

Take a look here at the 15 minute TED talk of Joshua and Ryan. See if it isn’t life changing for you too.

So, what do you think? Are you in? Ready to start getting rid of stuff and simplify???

One thought on “Minimalist…discover your why.

  1. Fantastic reflection. I love your outlook on seeking happiness through the essential and learning to live without the excess. More people would live joy-filled lives if they owned less and wanted less. Love your attitude and this post!! You’re not alone and I’m happy to share this community and journey with you!


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