Before and After

Flock Friday

Hey, this will be my last post for a while. One more semester of graduate school…need I say more? Hope to see you on the flip side when I have my life back. Bigger and better things to come.

If you have chickens, occasionally you will need to respectfully harvest them. And knowing that I bought two turkeys this year, Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is Thanksgiving. He could strut like no other Tom, but then again…I have to admit…I’m not really all that experienced with a turkey strut. It was pretty entertaining to watch.



Well, recently, I harvested one of them. It weighed 42 pounds!



To prepare the bird, I put the meat in a brine solution for 36 hours. The brine solution was made up of 3/4 cup salt (I used Morton’s Tender Quick) per gallon of water. Then I added quartered onions, quartered garlic cloves, lemons (sliced), soy sauce, apple cider vinegar, and some brown sugar.

Before smoking the bird, I rubbed it with olive oil and a Cajun rub. Then I placed it in my propane smoker with mesquite wood chips.

If you haven’t ever smoked meat, I encourage you to try it. It tastes as heavenly as the aroma during the cooking process.

I won’t be writing any posts next week because of Thanksgiving. So I wish you all a very food-filled, family-fun, football frenzy Thanksgiving!

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