Garden Wonders

Gardening Thursday

I am getting my soil ready for spring. Here’s my son, Matt, tilling the front yard. It use to be all lawn, but now I am converting all areas of my yard to raise food. I’ve added worms and compost to these areas this fall. I hope doing this will yield better success and a great harvest next year.


I want to share this video. John, from, gives viewers a tour of his home garden.

I’m totally jealous of his garden. I hope you enjoyed his tour as much as I did. He was very enthusiastic. He introduces some new plants I’d never heard about before. I hope to try some of them in the spring. I will write posts about the information as it becomes available. He also talks about adding rock dust as a soil amendment. I have found out in other vlogs that he uses Azomite. This is actually a Utah company so I’m going to check out this weekend to find out where I can purchase this locally, if it’s possible. I will update this post to let you know where it is available.

How does your garden grow?

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