Diatomaceous Earth

Flock Friday

Scooter feeding Tanny mealy worms.

I delight in knowing my chickens are healthy and happy. Occasionally, I notice things that need some attention and treatment. Healthy chickens will lay eggs that are clean and free of any feces, even though the egg comes out of the same vent as its poop. (You’re probably thinking, “Yuck!”) Recently I took out some eggs from the laying boxes that looked liked this.


Seems pretty disgusting, huh? But I read somewhere…you know you’re a homesteader if there is poop everywhere and you’re okay with that! I amaze myself, sometimes, with what I have become okay with.

Anyhoo, I have read that dirty eggs like these mean the chicken has some kind of intestinal issue, like worms. After reading a few articles and asking around, I found a few options on how to treat them. I like to go the natural route whenever I can. Someone told me about diatomaceous earth (DE). This ground-up fossilized aquatic organism is basically the cure all for any ailment…for any one. I am serious. If there is one product that could solve all the world’s problems, this would be it. Okay, yes I’m getting crazy here, it can’t solve all the world’s problems…but pretty dang close. From fighting bugs to fighting parasites to curing most ailments of man, food grade DE seems to be the answer…but let’s get back to my girls. I learned this fine powder will de-worm the hens. Locally, I purchased some DE from Steve Regan. You can buy it in a 5 pound bag or a 25 pound bag. You may ask, “How in the heck will I use 25 pounds of this stuff?” Well again, this is amazing stuff and it can be used in many applications, not just with your chickens. Further down the page I share a video on its other uses. For now, when using DE to fight an intestinal issues for my chickens, I just sprinkle a little powder in their food dish.


A bottle of diatomaceous earth sits waiting in the food barrel to be applied to the hens feed every few months.

This helps keep the messy eggs at bay. You can also use it to dust your chickens with DE to get rid of mites or other pests. Here is a video that details that information. DE can be found at other farm stores or even available online. When purchasing, just make sure it’s food grade.

Here is a video that touts more of DE’s benefits:

Here is my disclaimer, in my research it is highly recommended. And personally, I have had great experience with this. Please note, this is not approved by the FDA and you can find a few opposing views on using this.

Let me know what you think…leave a comment below.

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