Bokashi, What?

Gardening Thursday

I discovered this blog that posts on Thursday information about organic gardening. One of the posts by Kelly, the blogs writer, explained about Bokashi composting. Well, the practice originated in Japan and bokashi means fermented organic matter. As she explains in her post it’s a fermentation process made from kitchen scraps and used for compost. I love using fermented foods in my diet. In fact on Tuesday, I am going to share and demonstrate a ginger ale recipe made by fermenting ginger (so you gotta come back by on Tuesday). The probiotic benefits of fermenting is phenomenal for the body. It just makes sense to follow those same practices into your garden by adding good bacteria in the soil. I want to let you know, I haven’t tried this, but I will definitely start stewing some as soon as things quiet down around here. I just had to share the information. Here are her two posts on the subject.

Thursday’s Bokashi Composting Lesson – What the Hay is Bokashi?.

Thursday’s – Bokashi Composting, the bucket has fermented for 2 weeks, what’s next?.

You can purchase a Bokashi composting system here for $35. Or Kelly uses just one 5-gallon bucket. Still, in my research, I found a Youtube video taking that inexpensive idea one step further. He drills evenly spaced holes around the bottom of one 5-gallon bucket and then nestles it inside another bucket. The holes in the bucket allow the moisture to drain down into the second bucket. Other videos I watched used this “tea” as a valuable fertilizer for their garden. Here is the link.

The bokashi bran mentioned in the blog and videos can be found in several places with an online Google search. Locally, I haven’t been able to it, but if that changes, I will update this post.

Let me know if you have used this composting method. Would love to hear how it worked or is working for you.

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