Got Worms?

Gardening Thursday

If you’re looking for a natural, organic fertilizer to build your soil…add worms.


I have been adding worms to my garden areas for the past three years. Although, I’ve been pretty sporadic planting my annual vegetable garden (I’m in graduate school); I have at least kept improving the soil. This includes annually adding compost and worms to the areas. If you interested in finding out these benefits, here’s a video that gives some highlights.

Here’s my grandson, Scooter, adding worms to the garden soil…I guess you have to have a stomach for it.


These limbless invertebrates seem to grow on you though.



I get my worms mail order through Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm. I’ve ordered from this site three or four times now and haven’t had any issues. The worms come well packaged and in great shape. From my research, this vendor has been the most reasonably priced too. At any rate, a Google search can get you connected as well. In some of my investigation for this post, buying worms was discouraged. What!? In fact, an article provided instructions on how to check the health of your soil. This is determined by how many earthworms call it home. Here’s the article’s link. If it turns out you don’t have as many worms as you’d like (really, the more the merrier…and healthier) and you don’t want to purchase them, this website provides tips on encouraging earthworms to come and stay in your garden. Here’s that link.


Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm ships the lumbricina in a box sealed tightly inside this green bag.

I usually save a few of these prehistoric squirmy worms for the girls (my hens). They’ll jump pretty high to get these tasty morsels. It’s quite entertaining.

Anyone else have worms? Please share if you use another vendor and what your experience has been.

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